Electronic Monitoring

Gateway Corrections Contracts with 3M Electronic Monitoring

In March of 2012 Gateway finalized negotiations with 3M Electronic Monitoring (3M EM) to become a strategic partner for its electronic monitoring products and services, which enables Gateway to begin providing monitoring and supervision services in conjunction with our treatment programs. Program participants at Gateway's Cook County Sheriff's Office Day Reporting Center are currently provided with electronic monitoring through 3M EM, and future initiatives will seek to replicate the success of this program in new markets.

Our goal with this product is to meet the comprehensive needs of correctional jurisdictions by providing integrated treatment, intervention and electronic monitoring services through a single contractual relationship. Gateway is proud to be associated with such a strong electronic monitoring services provider, and we believe that by combining our efforts with 3M EM, we can increase our presence in the national community corrections market.

For additional information about Gateway's Electronic Monitoring services, contact us.