Outpatient Treatment Services

Gateway Foundation believes that all clients in need of treatment services should receive them through the "least restrictive environment". For many offenders, this can be successfully accomplished on an outpatient basis. For those who require in-custody treatment, upon completion of that treatment episode there remains a need for appropriate continued care within the community. In cases where residential transition services are unavailable, or where clients have a lower risk of recidivism and relapse, outpatient follow up and/or aftercare is the most appropriate service modality. These outpatient services can assist in a successful re-entry, and provide stabilization in the community after the offender has been released from incarceration.

Continued care post-release from incarceration focuses on real life application of the principles learned in the in-custody correctional treatment episode, with a heavy emphasis on Relapse Prevention and Re-Entry Life Skills. In most substance abuse treatment locations, Gateway's Outpatient services are available six days per week, with both day and evening hours.

For additional information about Gateway's outpatient treatment services contact us.